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Sink or Faucet Emergency Plumbing Service in Hunters Creek

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A Leaking Faucet or Overflowing Sink could be:

  • Bathroom sink
  • Kitchen sink
  • Laundry sink
  • Utility sink

Leaky Faucets or Drains

A leaky faucet or drain can start off as a small problem but become a much greater problem if it is not addressed immediately. A leak can go unnoticed for a long time because a lot of plumbing is contained within walls or cabinets. This can create a damp environment that is ideal for mold growth inside of your home.

Overflowing Sink

An overflowing sink can wreak havoc not only on its immediate surroundings but other unseen surfaces as well. Water that starts out clean from the source can become dirty if it comes in contact with bacteria.

If you have an active water overflow and you can stop the water, we advise that you do so to prevent further damage.

Sometimes you can unclog the drain yourself, but it's best to hire in an expert, especially if the overflowing water gets out of control.

The actual plumbing repair can be very inexpensive and simple but if not fixed quickly, the resulting damage can be very costly.

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