I have Water Damage!

A plumbing incident can cause water to seep into carpet, wood, walls, and many other porous surfaces. It's difficult to know the amount of water damage until a skilled technician does a visual inspection and uses specialized moisture-detecting equipment.

Top 5 Reasons to Get a Water Damage Inspection:

  1. Water Damage is difficult to detect except by specialized equipment
  2. Mold Spores can start growing almost immediately
  3. "Dry" surfaces can contain hidden dangers
  4. Keeps your family safe from harmful bacteria
  5. Many times the inspection and dry-outs are FREE!

Even after water has "dried" to the naked eye, moisture can stay hidden within surfaces for days and weeks, causing unseen damage and possibly even harmful mold growth. Water that starts out relatively clean can begin to grow dangerous bacteria if left untreated.

Whether or not your insurance covers your water damage, it is still highly recommended that you at least get an inspection done.

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