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Shower Drains

Shower drains can become clogged quite easily. Like other drains throughout your home, this process usually doesn’t happen immediately. It is a situation that develops over time. There are many things that can clog your shower drain, but it is usually the combination of more than one factor that ultimately leads to a total blockage of the drain.

  • mineral deposits from hard water can form inside drains
  • residue can also build up from soap and shampoo
  • hair can get past the hair trap in the drain and get stuck on buildup and residue inside the drain pipes
  • If there is not a hair trap properly installed on the drain other foreign objects can become lodged within the drain pipe and contribute to obstructing the drain.

If you notice that your shower drain is draining slowly you may want to have your drain cleaned in order to prevent it from clogging entirely. Also, a slow drain may be a symptom of a much larger problem like a clogged drainage line within your home or tree root intrusion.

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